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14 reasons digital advertising is better than traditional advertising every time, ever.

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I know I know I know. How 2008 of me, right? Well, I’m gonna keep kicking this dead horse until people wake up and smell the digital coffee (which is a regrettably dark way to put it)

With that said, here it goes

1) Targeting: You can advertise to single 45 year-old caucasion mothers with 3 gluten free kids, with a house in Sherman Oaks and a love of hand made pasta. I don’t know why you would but you get my point.

2) Control: control what you spend down to the dollar. No more blanket buys

3) Goal flexibility: You can create ads for more than just mass awareness – sales, leads, web traffic, etc.

4) Measureable: You know how effective each ad is, why, and with superior accuracy.

5) Optimization: You can test everything down to the CTA button by running different versions of the same ad.

6) Strategic: Why guess when you can know? Instead of just inferring who your customer is and what they care about, you can use digital channels to test your hypothesis with cheap ad lobs

7) Content flexibility: Ads don’t have to fit into a specific dimension or duration.

8) Cheaper: Ads that look user generated perform better on social media because they feel native to the platforms. No more need for massive productions to have polished videos that look like ads.

9) Undervalued: Right now digital platforms (outside of maybe Google) are extremely underpriced. As people continue to shift their budgets to digital that will change. The time to take advantage of things is now.

10) Timeliness: Cheaper ads on social media can be made and posted immediately. That means you can comment on whatever is happening now and benefit accordingly

11) Interactive: Who uses qr codes? Or types in a url? If you are using traditional ads chances are that’s what you’re asking them to do. Digital, obviously, makes things a click or tap away.

12) Transparency: Clients deserve the truth. No more inflated, curated results. With digital spending everyone can log into the ad manager and see exactly how things are doing.

13) Uncompetitive: 90% of ads on digital platforms SUCK. Like really really suck. You know it. I know it. The average quality on traditional channels is better. That means you can more easily make an impact because the creative competition is so absurdly low.

14) Retargeting: If you aren’t aware, this is when someone engages with an ad (watching, clicking, etc.) but doesn’t convert. They’ve demonstrated interest and you can retarget them with another ad that convinces them further. It’s as effective as it sounds.

Chances are you disagree, which is why God made a comments section.

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