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Ad agencies profit off inefficiency

Monkey See Monkey Steal

When you trust an agency that bills by the hour, you’re putting your future in some deep pockets.


Because the traditional agency model is designed to rob you blind. The longer something takes and the more inflated the staff plan, the more they make. They’ve built an industry that benefits them. Not you. And for some shocking reason people are still allowing them to.

Think of traditional agencies like Time Warner cable.

Whenever you’re forced to use Time Warner, you’re looking for all the ways they’re gonna screw you.

You pop the hood and search for senseless added fees. You ask questions to make sure they’re no surprises. You take the time to make sure you’ve got the absolute best plan with the least bullshit.

Why not do the same with your agency?

Because I can promise you that there’s just as much bullshit beneath the hood. You’re just paying way more for it.

Never agree to be charged by the hour

There’s nothing inherently wrong with charging by the hour. It makes sense for simple services with transparent processes and deliverables.

But ad agencies are hired to do something far more complex. The strategic process alone has an insane amount of shit with important-sounding names and beautifully designed powerpoints to justify them.

But again, if you look at what you’re getting out of it (an uninsightful insight, a stupidly simple competitor analysis, flashy personas to describe who your customers are, untested inferences), you’d question the price tag and time it takes, too.

What should take an agency a couple of days takes months, and the work quality isn’t any better. In fact, often it’s mindfucked to oblivion with the countless meetings and bureaucracy.

So when you’re looking to hire a marketing firm make sure you have someone who can look after your best interest, knows the questions to ask, what prices are fair, and how many people are actually needed.

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