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Ad agencies taught me to stop trying


Have you ever spent months working on a passion project only to have it fall apart at the finish line? That’s how it feels working at an ad agency.

Except instead of happening here and there, it’s your life.

Projects die all the time. The projects that you canceled plans for, worked weekends to complete, and lost sleep over will abruptly end.

Imagine what that does to a person. The only way to survive is to not care or get invested in your work.

And not caring means you’re not doing your best work.

I guess my point is 99% of the work creatives do shouldn’t have to die. It’s the fault of an inefficient, bloated system. That said, I think it’s fixable. All it takes is 3 things before work begins.

1) A set production budget.

2) Every single stakeholder on the client side has carefully read and signed off on a simple, straightforward brief

3) Every single stakeholder on the agency side has carefully read and signed off on the same brief.

In my experience briefs usually “change” because of a lack of communication. Not because of some unexpected spontaneous thing.

Let me know if you think I’m missing something. Or if you’d like me to elaborate. Or if you just think I’m wrong in general.

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