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Its not just possible, it's better.

Fast Cheap Good

You know the saying Fast. Good. Cheap. Pick 2? If you don’t it’s the universally accepted philosophy that you can only have 2 of the 3 in any situation. Having something be Fast Cheap and Good is impossible.

Nay I say! When it comes to advertising on the internet fast and cheap isn't just good, it’s better.

That may sound like the opening pitch from some guy in a cheap suit trying to sell you a timeshare in the Florida Keys, but in this internet age, it’s true.

Let’s start with cheap.

Ads that look like ads don’t perform as well on social media as ads that look like they were made by human beings. Why? Because the production quality of human being content ranges from total shit to nothing fancy. Since ads insist on a polished paid promotion that screams “im an ad,” we thumb right past it.

If charlie bit that crybaby’s finger in immaculate 4k with multiple rehearsed takes and impeccable audio design that video would suck. It's all about blending in in terms of production quality and standing out in terms of content. So just know that cheaper looking videos are better performing videos.

Let’s move onto fast. 

Because cheap looking videos can be produced quickly, and timeliness is the most effective way to generate attention, you can comment on culture as it happens, reaping the benefits.

Just think about it. When things first blow up, the barrier to entry is low. The longer you wait, the harder it is to make a splash. By turning around hot content in 3 days we ride the waves of what’s trending. Add good hashtaggery, seo, creative chops, and tested PR process, it’s even lower. Each day that goes by that shit just gets harder to penetrate. That’s what she said. Sorry.

And if all that's true it must be good, right?


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