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Timing is everything

Timing is the single most effective way to go viral. I hate that word, viral. But it’s true.

The most famous example is the Super Bowl tweet from Oreo (even though it took 15 people to come up with it, but I’ll let that slide).

99% of ad agencies can’t do that. Even if they wanted to, they don’t know how to convince their clients to give them free rein.

Agencies don’t have the right people in place. They don’t even know what the fuck to say or make or do because the stuffy creative directors don’t have a clue what’s trending.

And even if they did, agencies take so damn long to build your campaign that it won’t make sense six months from now.

Stay relevant by joining the public conversation. Know what’s happening every single day.

Stop what you’re doing and comment on it. Whether it’s a tweet, text, image, video, GIF, whatever. It’s always better to try and strike out than not try at all.

So get a pitch pipe and dump your traditional ad agency. Their tone-deaf practices are only going to hinder your startup marketing.

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