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Do we really need them?

joe jonas

A tagline isn’t just a tagline, it’s what’s called a brand platform. Now before I get into what that means to me know that I have a super unfavorable opinion about it. Smarter, more successful people in the industry would without a doubt disagree with me. So it might behoove you to check it out for yourself. But anywho, back to the brand platform.

A brand platform is your businesses identity. It’s how people feel about your brand when they see it. And unless you’re nike, nobody cares, or remembers, and it hardly ever distinguishes you from any other business.

Pick any bank. What’s their tagline? How do they feel different from one another. Seriously, think of 90% of the companies that you know. Maybe you’re even a customer of them. Do you know their tagline? No. Did they spend millions to get there over the course of a year? Yes. Do you like honey bunches of oats because you like what Kellogs stands for? Or do you like them cause you think it’s delicious?

Consistency in your messaging isn’t a bad thing. There’s gotta be something good about seeing a thing and being like, oh that’s those guys. Well, actually I don’t know. What’s so wrong about having one thing that’s funny as hell and another that’s sentimental. Don’t the best comedies have their sweet moments? Where I think consistency is possible and is good is in terms of your design aesthetic. If you look cool and different people like that. So, that’s good.

Differentiating yourself from your competitors is good and one of the intentions of a brand platform. But it just ends up sounding the exact same. Let’s look at insurance this time.

I think everything we do positions our clients different. And we put our focus on making the best thing possible that the consumer sees and can appreciate. You could argue that all the work behind the scenes is what makes stuff good and effective, but if you really dig in, more times than not, it feels like bullshit.

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