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Too many cooks in the advertising kitchen


I’ve been on projects at ad agencies both big and small. No matter where you go, they have too many cooks in the kitchen.

You could have five creative teams on just one project. From tons of strategists and dubiously-titled “Social media wizards,” your account has a lot of staffing bloat.

Account reps, producers, media buyers, interns, bosses—holy hell, it’s dizzying.

And everyone has an ego. We’re all humans with something to prove.

You can’t not say something at an agency because if you don’t, you’re worthless. That means there’s a storm of “new ideas” and changes that hurt your project.

Having this many people working on your startup marketing leads to disaster. There are so many conflicting visions and ideas that nobody can move forward. That means taking more time to crank out that generic, forgettable, pointless, tagline for your biz.

Let’s back up for a second.

If you look at a list of Oscar-winning movies, they have two things in common.

1) Studios give complete creative freedom to the Scorcesses, del Toros, Nolans and Cohen Brothers.

2) The majority of them don’t just direct their films, they write them, too.

This leads to one, singular, clear creative vision for the team to get behind.
Research actually shows that smaller teams are not only more productive, but they make better work products.

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