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Yes we're still talking about this

We’ve changed. Advertising, for some inexplicable still reason, hasn’t.

Advertising needs to change

In 2019 the money spent on digital advertising surpassed print and tv. This reveals 2 problems with advertising agencies and their clients.

1) They’re still spending half their budget on print and tv which is bad

2) They make things for print and tv and put it social media

Let’s start with 1.

Why are traditional media channels worse than digital media channels?

  • You don’t have the targeting capabilities.
  • You don’t have accurate ways of measuring results.
  • You have to spend in bulk, which means you can’t spend a little money to test something and improve upon it.

Number 2.

As I mentioned, for the first time agencies are spending more to advertise on things like Facebook then they are on older mediums. Which is great. The problem is, they still produce ads the same way, with their perfect polish and inauthentic self-promotional agenda. And no, cutting down a 30sec commercial into gifs doesn't count. They’re two different beasts.

If you want to learn how to make ads that work online you can click, or tap or whatever somewhere around here. And if you can’t just hop on over to We’ll make it worth your while.

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. If it is broke, then yea, definitely fix that shit.

Strategy and Creative should be informed by testing and analytics not research and inference. PR shouldn't rely on self-promotional press releases pitched at journalists who don't give a shit. And why is Media still the runt of the litter when its data has become the most salient tool in advertising?

We've broken the broken model with a marketing formula that merges Strategy, Creative, Media, and PR into a dope 4 month process. In doing so, we're faster, cheaper and more effective at driving brand preference and sales.

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